Our first Plant as BIK 2007!!!

By: bikenya13

Sep 27 2013

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We moved forward planted trees at District officer’s grounds, Naivasha Municipal council grounds and then flowers in the Commercial Banking halls,people’s homes from Naivasha to Mai-Mahiu…we intend to green the dusty Naivasha. At one point the District officer kicked us out of his officer…telling us we are nuts to plant trees in his compound. He later joined us…unwillingly…he stepped out and got his workers, Administration police and staff each planting a tree..apparently,his tree is the biggest now 5 years later!!!


One comment on “Our first Plant as BIK 2007!!!”

  1. Beautification Initiative Kenya Operates under the following core values:

    a. Self sustainability of Beautification Initiative Kenya is a propelling factor to its durability.

    b. The unwavering self sacrifice of the organization members is a propelling factor to its durability.

    c. The consistent presence of the Local authorities in our organization is vital for a sure performance.

    d. The faithful response by community members is necessary for morale boosting

    Beautification Initiative Kenya is an organization registered at the AG as a society; and is here to stay

    . We work for the people
    . We respect the Government
    . We represent God

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